Why Career Management?

Everyone needs to take charge of their own career!

A “career shake up” is changing the foundations of what we mean by “career”. There is wide spread recognition that we are in the middle of a major transformation – a post-industrial, post modern information age. This is likely to bring a profound revolution in the nature and structures of both work and career.

This “career shake up” is caused by many economic pressures, causing organisations to be much more flexible in their use of labour resources.

Outsourcing, contracting, reducing core labour, implementing variable cost labour, reducing management and flatter organisational structures cause downsizing and a changed work environment.

Simultaneously, the workforce is valuing flexible working arrangements, seeking more personal fulfilment, job growth and tele-working options (working from home).

Rigid job demarcation is disappearing, with multi-skilling, flexible work teams, project management teams are replacing the work as we knew it. Clearly differentiated and discrete roles and the predictable career paths that went with them are being replaced by this new world of work.

Given this changing work environment, individuals should be encouraged to pursue multiple career pathways and develop career leverage.

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