The Career Management Group takes pride in the corporate company it keeps, our client list includes some of Australia’s most successful enterprises – large and small. While each company’s needs and solutions may be different they all entrust the key elements of their employees career needs to the Career Management Group. We thank them for that privilege.

Passionate and Committed.

Career Management Group is committed to supporting its client’s reputation and relationship with its workforce by the provision of appropriate and timely intervention. At the times of greatest need Career Management Group has the resources and experience to immediately assemble a support team whose sole focus is to ensure a seamless transition through the change process.

Our care of candidates and individual tailoring of our programs is unparalleled in our industry. A genuine, ongoing partnership is formed between each candidate and his/her consultant until the objectives are achieved, Of high priority in this relationship is the development of independence and mastery of a life long skill. We pride ourselves in the extra-ordinary results our candidates achieve.


Career Management Group recognises the need for flexibility and responsiveness in today’s corporate climate. We listen to our clients, ascertain the strategic intention and specific needs and make recommendations based on our experience and knowledge. We work with you to provide the most appropriate programs and interventions for your organisational requirements.


Our confidentiality clauses assure both organisational and individual clients’ privacy is protected.

Involve us early and ensure the best results